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Business Mindset

Your mindset determines your profitability as an entrepreneur

I could speak for days on end about the mindset of the entrepreneur. We became entrepreneurs because we have a different mind. Most of us are dreamers and big thinkers that do not do well being under the thoughts of another big thinker.

Mindset has a lot to do with how successful you are as an entrepreneur too. Very often we find ourselves with imposter syndrome thinking “why should people listen to me?” “Who am I to do this”. Having the confidence to believe in yourself and your business when others might not, is key to success.

One of the hardest mindset blocks for me was not having the full support of my family. What you will come to find out is the people closest to you will be the least supportive because they love you so much, they are scared to see you fail. When you come to them with this crazy idea of making and selling candles, they probably will look at you like you have a third eye and want to ask, “what will you do about health insurance and your 401k?”.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, we must be okay with not always being supported if we know we have a good idea and we also have a plan of execution. No one is going to believe or work as hard in your business as you will because you can see the vision that they cannot. Therefore, you are the owner, and you delegate and hire people to help you on your business. You are the visionary and them will help implement the vision.

Letting Work, Work You

I’ve heard from multiple entrepreneurs that they left their 9-5 and started working for themselves 24/7! In some cases, THEY WERNT LYING! As entrepreneurs we need to get our mind right because now instead of working 9-5 we will find ourselves working 24/7! I know in my case I love marketing and business so much that I find myself constantly thinking of way to better my business or my client’s businesses.

With that said I have had to learn how to set boundaries. We get one life. I don’t know about you, but my son is my everything. I was given one life and I want to spend that life making as many memories as possible with him and being happy.

Most of us didn’t start working for ourselves or owning our own business to spend more time away from the people and things we love. We have to learn how to mentally and physically set boundaries and delegate so that we don’t become our business.

Boundaries look different for everyone. For you and your business it might look like carving out a set “hour lunch” to take a walk or play with your kids or sit down to a nice meal every day. Setting boundaries could also look like not taking jobs that don’t serve you. As we grow in business, we learn that we DO NOT have to take every job just because it comes to us. Boundaries are healthy and learning to set boundaries can really be personally and profitably transformative.

Whatever your boundaries look like we need to make sure that moving forward you are working on your business not in your business and that the business that you build is providing for you what you wanted. Evaluating that from time to time is key to keeping you and your business on track for the future. What do I want out of my business in the next 5 years? How do I get there?

Delegation is life

We do not want to be the bottleneck of our business. If you continue with the mindset that you have to do everything, and no one can do it like you and if you don’t do it, it won’t get done… you’re business will be stunted and probably die.

Solo-prenuer is a thing. You are just starting out just filed for that LLC and are cranking out products or just offering your services you can manage as a solo-prenuer. Not for long though! I think that even in this stage you need some help making sure you get everything started correctly. You might need an accountant or bookkeeper so that when tax time comes, you’re not looking crazy.

You will need Synovial Marketing to build you the most amazing website that functions like a well-oiled machine that holds all of the amazing information on what your business has to offer. You will need people.

Making the switch from “I’ve got it” & “I have to do it” to sending menial tasks that you don’t actually have to do for your business to survive to someone else is life changing.

I just wrote a whole blog post on my website on this topic, so we won’t dive in too deep but, just know one of the greatest mindset switches as an entrepreneur is switching from the employee to employer mindset!

Imposter Syndrome

You really are made to do this. One of the biggest mindset blocks entrepreneurs have to overcome is imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is that little voice in your head telling you “Who is going to listen to me?” “I’m not qualified”.

I’m here to tell you, you are! The reason that we are all qualified is because we all have the ability to learn. You might not be an accounting genius but if accounting and business and finance are something you’re passionate about you can sure become an accounting genius! We all have the ability but its if we put in the work or not that depends on the outcome.

I want to let you in on a little secret… People are coming to you for your products and services for you, not the products and services. You are meant to do this!

That is one of the reasons branding is so important is that people buy brands not products. If your brand relates and connects with the customer that is why they are buying it. They could buy a candle or a perfume or a bounce house from any company but if they relate and feel good about you and what you stand for you make the sale.

You are qualified to do whatever you are doing by just being you. be relatable and put in the work to be the best in that field.

Practice Jedi Like Mindset

Getting your mind right and

1. Stepping back and envisioning where you want to go with your business

2. Setting boundaries for yourself and the business so that it goes in that set direction

3. Delegating simple tasks

4. Believing in yourself and your value that your business brings

Will immediately elevate your business!

Mindset sounds so simple, but the power of our mind and our mindset dictates absolutely everything we do in life. Thoughts turn into plans which turn into actions every second of every day. Make sure that your thoughts are productive and positive towards yourself, and your business and you will be sure to succeed.

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