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Lets Take A Trip Down The Yellow Brick Road To Success

Creating a profitable sales funnel and customer experience

The dreaded sales funnel. Everyone thinks of sales funnels or click funnels as complicated and unnecessary when really a funnel is the key to your business. Like automation, funnels can save you time and frustration and really put your business on a profitable auto pilot if done correctly.

Let’s think of a funnel you would buy at auto zone for your car or for bakers a funnel used to cook with. It has a wide top and then gets smaller and smaller as it goes down.

You Have To Be Seen To Sell

First let’s talk about the top or the wide portion of your funnel. Because its so big imagine everyone you’re going to get in there. This area is called recognition and is the social media or advertisement part of the funnel. Your business is being seen and recognized by the public as a business. “Oh I didn’t know Katie’s Cookies existed would you look at that!”

Somehow through an ad or scrolling on social media or a Google search they came across your business. From here is where the thought has to come in. Let’s say they found you scrolling on social media. They go to your page and go through some of your content.

Now us at Synovial Marketing hope that you have been using either our social media management services or at least our advice and have well though out content that explains your product and service through high quality videos or pictures. You nurture the client/customer through your social media with free valuable tidbits of information and behind the scenes. You begin to build trust.

The customer is impressed with your product and service and has seen that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy in your posts. From there they want to learn more about you and are directed TO YOUR WEBSITE OR SALES PAGE.

Check Yes Or No

We put that in all caps because that was the second part of the funnel. The customer went from recognizing you to making an opinion on you. They liked you enough to venture from your Instagram and into your website. That’s exciting!

Okay so now we have them to your website. This is why we SCREAM that websites are so important! This website is the deciding factor in your customer choosing you!

This website is going to have been designed by Synovial Marketing and is going to be POPPIN! *wink wink* but in all seriousness its going to look professional and have all the information (in a clean clear and concise fashion) necessary for the client to make an informed decision on your product.

Your website is also going to show your authority. There is going to be some testimonials of past clients and a portfolio of what you can do.

Its going to show how you solve the problem your client faces and why they should choose you as the solution. Its going to have all of the contact information so clients can reach out for any questions or concerns. A reputable website makes a client comfortable to purchase products and services from the business.

They Love You They Really Love You

This leads us to preference. Once the customer has been on your sales page and website, they prefer you to other companies. This might not happen instantly they might leave your site and shop around but in theory, we hope that you used a pop-up on your website and got their email while they were on your site so you can stay with them long term and nurture them in their inbox. Eventually, when their time is right they will prefer your company over others and return to purchase.

The preference usually takes some time to nurture if the customer in question is a complete stranger. If its your aunt or second cousin twice removed, it might be an easier sell but that’s again why we think that email lists are so important. They are a part of the funnel as they nurture your customers over time and allow them to prefer to buy from you because they know you and feel comfortable with you.

One Piece To A Master Plan

All of this to say, its not one piece of the marketing puzzle that leads to mega millions. You have to have it all. Now now not all at once it takes time but start! You have to take your clients on a journey and nurture a relationship.

Make the Instagram account and get it organized. Make the Facebook page and get it official. Sit down and decide what value you could offer your clients and customers that would want them to stay with you long term and subscribe to that email list. Hire a professional web designer to build the functional aesthetic website. Hire said professional to optimize your websites SEO for searchability.

All of these work together to form a professional, functional business and make a customer journey and experience that your customers and clients will thank you for.

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