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We're All in This Together

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Why having a team and branching out from being a solo-prenuer is the way to go!

You might be thinking but how can I pay someone to help when my head is barely above water?

Well my friend, your head is barely above water because you wont invest in your business and have someone to delegate the menial tasks to that are drowning you!

One of my favorite saying that my dad always said growing up was "stand up and save yourself". What this translates into is if you wait around for someone to come and save you more than likely you're going to drown. We have to stand up and take actions to save yourself especially before trying to help and serve others.


Small But Mighty Steps

Your business is your baby! We get it because we feel the same way! Thinking about giving tasks to someone else when it effects your baby is hard. This is why we say to start small. What's something you can delegate that you might not even be good at or like?

The first thing I delegated and hired for was a virtual assistant to manage my email campaigns. Being able to write out what needed to be in the email but have someone design and choreograph them and send them out on time was AMAZING!

It might not be email campaigns that you delegate but what about packaging your orders that are ready to be shipped or putting stickers on all your products? I challenge you to sit down and write out EVERYTHING you do for your business and then go through the list and delegate out the tiny menial tasks.

With this you can get back to the part of the business you love. You should be working ON your business as the brains and the vision not IN every tiny aspect of your business.


What If I Don't Have The Funds?

Paying an employee in your business can sound daunting. You first might want to try and recruit friends and family to help.

If you're still in the growing pains of starting a business try and recruit friends and family to help with menial small tasks and make it fun to have everyone helping and hanging out. Cook dinner one night before a launch and have everyone over to help prepare and get ready.

If you don't have family around and your friends seem uninterested, look into hiring a virtual assistant. There are multiple virtual assistant companies that offer multiple price ranges for any and every stage of your business.

More than anything you don't need to be touching and handling and in every bit and piece of your business. If you get this mindset in the beginning when your business does scale and grow it wont be as scary to delegate and let go of things that can be done by someone else.


Don't Be The Bottleneck of Your Business

When your business takes off and you have consistent clients and making consistent sales, if you are the only one in your business you can become the bottleneck or hindrance of profits and future growth.

Though we pride ourselves on being small businesses we do need to take some tips from big businesses in the sense that they are prepared for the profits. Target can do 10 million in sales because they have the employees and systems in place to execute.

Though we as small businesses might not be doing 10 million in sales, are you prepared to handle 10 & 20 clients? If you got a burst of orders overnight would you have the systems in place to make the process smooth and the customer experience enjoyable?

As a solo-prenuer and being CEO, Chain Management, Customer Service, and the accountant I can tell you the customer experience and process of 100 orders would not go well. Lets get prepared and start running our small businesses with big business energy and see what happens. Don't be afraid to scale!

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