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The Truth Behind Email Marketing

If you’ve been following Synovial Marketing, you know that I will talk until I’m blue in the face about email lists and their importance. You have to have a way to continually have conversations with your audience over time. Emails allow you to not only have conversations but intimate conversations, that feel as though you’re speaking directly to that person rather than to everyone on Instagram.

Emails also have to be earned. Your customers and clients are trusting you with their emails because they want what you have and are interested in what you are talking about. With these emails you get the opportunity to continue to build your relationship with them. They are giving you a long term connection to them and that is as valuable as money. Read below to gain a clear understanding of what email campaigns can do for your business.

#1 - Establishes Long Term Communication

Email conversation can span over years! Think of some companies you have been getting emails from for years. Now again think of some of your favorite company emails to open up. The reason a customer or client opens up your email is because they feel connected to you and excited to hear what you have to say. That connection and trust doesn't happen over night,. Email campaigns are a way to nurture your client and customer to allow them to slowly get to know what you're about and what you can do for them.

Not everyone is in the position to purchase from you the moment you present the offer. Think about someone presenting you an offer to get the most amazing family photos done of your family. In your head the car note is over due and the kids have a field trip that has to be paid for this month. Though you cant purchase the photographers offer this month the photographer stays with you sending monthly email after monthly email, offer after offer. Finally after a year of emails and offers you have saved up the money and are ready to get some family photos done. Whose the photographer that you turn to? Right! The one that's been in your inbox the last year showing you other families photos and testimonials.

Being consistent with your email campaigns will pay off big time in the long term. Even if all of your audience isn't at a place to purchase today we want to stay with them long term and build the relationship up so that when they are ready they will turn to you as their trusted source for your product or service.

#2 - Allows for return sales & referrals

When a client purchases something from you whether it be a product or service, we need to be capturing emails from them. In return when the first sale is initiated it gives you the opportunity to 1. Thank the client for their purchase and their business as well as 2. Get them to make future purchases. What this looks like is a client/customer buys your service or product, we know in most cases before purchases are made the client/customer has been stalking you and making sure they can trust you with their purchase. When they make the purchase and receive the product or service hopefully, they have had a great customer experience through out the process. After the sale your company, with the email you captured during the sale will send out on email thanking them for the purchase and offering a coupon for 25% off of a future purchase. For our service-based industries this can look like asking for a referral as well in offering the client or customer a gift card for them referring a friend or even leaving a positive review of their experience.

This changes one sale with a customer into the possibility for multiple sales long term with them as a returning customer or their friends and family as customers. Without gaining and utilizing emails none of this communication would be possible. Email marketing is the best way to stay with customers long term and build priceless relationships that could lead to endless profits and connections for years and years to come.

#3 - Allows for intimate conversation

Unlike Instagram and Facebook along with all other forms of social media, email marketing is intimate and can be personalized. If a client or customer has been known to frequently buy candles from your store, we can set up an automation that send that customer a 30% off coupon for candles or even newsletters about the candles you sell since their interest seems to be candles.

I love email marketing the most because of the versatility. There is an endless amount of ways that you can customize emails for your clients and customers and make it feel as though you are talking and working directly for them. In todays world of vast social media presences customers can begin to feel like just another number and be skeptical to purchase. Utilizing email marketing allows you to speak to your ideal client and show them the person behind the brand and give them the confidence that your company cares about them and will stay with them long after the purchase has been made, through email correspondence.

One of the coolest features on the email marketing platform we use Flodesk, is the opportunity to autofill first names of your clients in your emails. I think this is a unique touch that really allows for your customer to feel special as though its a friend talking to a friend on a first name basis. Adding this level of personalization and intimacy in conversation overtime with your customers is a game changer when it comes to them actually making the decision to spend with you.

Email Addresses = Better Business

We've said it before and we'll say it again a well fed email list and consistent email campaigns are the backbone of your business. If you haven't already be sure to get started on your email list today! If you have no idea where to start we are always here to help you step by step on how to not only get started but stay consistent with your email marketing.

Sales and and having a profitable business is all about effective communication with your clients and customers email marketing is the most effective way to have personal long term conversations with your clients and customers and guarantee returning revenue for years to come.

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