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We Are the Story Tellers

How proper marketing can transform your business.

Imagine cruising through Walmart and seeing a product let’s say a new blender on the shelf. You are standing in the aisle thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to make your protein smoothies in the morning as well as those creamy frozen margaritas on the weekends for all your friends. Now standing there staring at the blender box, its going to take some work to make those images of your favorite smoothie and the frozen margaritas happen. More than likely standing in the aisle at Walmart you will set the box down and state “I’ll get that later, not today”. After having to visualize and talk yourself through the sale you're brain is tired and its no longer as appealing.

Visualization equals conversions

Why didn’t that conversion happen? Well more than likely the story wasn’t told. The process wasn’t easy. You as the manufacturer made it too hard for the customer to visualize. This is where your friendly marketers and creatives come in. Now let’s revise the story above, you hire Synovial Marketing team of creative geniuses to create the packaging for your blender. We make it pop with colors of the fruit smoothies and we place the creamy well blended frozen margarita on the other side of the box. Customers on the aisles of that Walmart can’t help but notice and want to look at the blender and when they analyze the box, they can easily visualize their life with the product. Add this packaging with commercials for the blender and catchy ads you've seen on Facebook, the blender is in the cart traveling with the groceries you came in there for to the register.

Simple is Best

Along side the packaging we create captivating advertisements showing fruit blasting in the blender and cut scene to all your friends sitting pool side while you are in your outdoor kitchen with said blender whipping up those margaritas. The element of video and movement and storytelling and easy visualization sell products.

Customers don’t want to have to work to 1. figure out your product and 2. Visualize themselves with your product or service. We must tell them a story that fits their life with your product. This goes into every element of your marketing. Your website needs to be visual; your ads need to be visual, your packaging needs to be visual, your social media needs to be visual. Storytelling needs to be injected in every piece. Not only does the product or service have to be a product or service in need, but it also has to be marketed correctly.

Invest in Visualization

Y’all the importance of good photography and product photos and videography and marketing is EVERYTHING! You have to tell a beautiful, emotional, intriguing story for your client and customer. We spoke recently about “attention is a new form of currency”. What that means is if you can get someone’s attention through your marketing and advertisements and creatives you have won half the battle of the person converting into a sale.

Attention is a Form of Currency

People’s attention spans are growing ever shorter. We do not pay attention for more than 8-12 seconds in todays world. With this said you have to have the story on point and take the time to understand your target audience and tell them their story with your product or service.

As always if you need help with your story and telling it in a creative way, Synovial marketing team is always here to help. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today to work together with us to tell your businesses story in the best way possible. Schedule Here

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Liz Cartolano
Liz Cartolano
17 de ago. de 2022

this is a great read! :)

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