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Who Not How Mentality

A Business Mindset That Will Give You Money & Freedom

I was listening to a Podcast this morning and the speaker said, “It’s the who not the how in entrepreneurship”. This hit home for me because that’s how I love looking at things in business. In my agency especially I love to hire people who have strengths in my weaknesses. Could I learn how to be an amazing SEO expert? Yes, but do I want to spend the 6 months learning to do that when that’s not what I’m passionate about? NO! Why not hire someone that is an SEO expert and loves it to work in my company and do that. Not only will it be done correctly but my time and energy are not spent trying to do it and more than likely doing it incorrectly.

The “Who not How” mentality is I think what makes CEOs vs employees. Employees are meant to think of the how. They are meant to solve the problem. The CEOs are meant to find the “who” to solve the problem. Now at some point in business, your company is going to be someone’s “who”. All the employees you have put in place that are implementing the different facets of your business will become the “who” for someone else and be able to get the product or service completed.

Trading Your Time For Money

The main takeaway is learning the principle of trading your time for money. As a business owner you need to be doing the tasks in your business that no one else can do. All the rest needs to be delegated to a “who”. Think about the tasks that can be taught in your business. The answering emails, the posting on social media, the sticking stickers on boxes. All these things should not be done by the owner of the business as your time is more valuable and would make you more money thinking about bigger picture ideas. No one in your business is going to be able to point your business in the direction that you want it to go. You are the driver of your business and it’s your responsibility to paint the big picture and hire the people to build it out.

"Trade money for time, not time for money. You're going to run out of time first." - Naval Ravikant

In another facet like we talked about above, people should be hired that can do a better job than you at certain tasks. Everyone has skills, some people are amazing photographers, some people are amazing chefs. We are not all good at all those things. That is what makes the world function. Hire where necessary. Even if this means hiring a chef so that you are not spending time cooking or hiring a house cleaner once a month so that you are not spending the time cleaning your house. The mentality of “Who Not How” is a millionaire mindset that will transform your life into one you enjoy.

The Elusive Time Freedom

Time freedom is something that a lot of people are striving for. A lot of people think that making money will give them the freedom of time. If you are only striving and chasing money and forgetting to put the systems and people in place in your life and business, you will be left with money but no time.

Having the right people in the right places not only will make you more money as they are operating on their strengths a producing high quality work but, it will also give you the time freedom you have been craving because you no longer have to do the tasks.

Where We Can Help

Synovial Marketing acts as the “who” for a lot of small businesses. We manage the part of business that many small businesses don’t enjoy. We work with the small business owners to provide the “who” & collaborate with them to formulate the “how” as well. We know that being a small business owner is scary and overwhelming and our mission is to show you marketing in a way that allows you to be as hands on or hands off as needed.

Try implementing the “Who Not How” approach to your business and let us know what you think in the comments!

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