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Our Story

Synovial marketing
Filling the gap between your clients and you


My name's Hannah Lee, founder of Synovial Marketing.​ 

From a young age I was told that I had to get a job in the medical field to be successful. My parents gave me an amazing upbringing but you could tell they wanted me to have more. I am an RN by trade and have always LOVED helping others.


During my schooling I got the opportunity to stay home with my son. To make some extra money I began researching and started my own business "Country Creations" a farmhouse home décor and home furnishings business. I feel in love! I loved the creative side of building the website and the freedom it gave me in terms of being with my son. Unfortunately, at that time I didn't stick with it and instead started a medical office job working 8-5 again. In my head I had done all this medical schooling and everyone was cheering me on for that, I couldn't let it go to waste.

I continued with this until BAM the pandemic hit and layoffs were being discussed. It was almost as if God himself was telling me "NOW NOW you need to start NOW!". I had no choice! My hours were cut at my office job and I jumped on the opportunity to start building out my dream, Synovial Marketing.


My goal for Synovial Marketing is to to help my community small businesses and small business owners worldwide make the most out of their companies. Everyone has great ideas but the team at Synovial Marketing wants to make even your wildest dreams a reality both visually and financially.

Though anyone can create a website, Synovial Marketing aims to sit down with businesses hear their goals and aspirations for the company and help them achieve success in all facets. From logos and web design to business and SEO strategy, Synovial Marketing has your back and wants to help you achieve success. 

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